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Which bit or noseband?

As a last attempt to get more use out of our ponies now the weather has improved I'm thinking of switching our little mare from here snaffle and cavesson to something with a little more in the brakes department!! She is only 11.2 hh but when she has had enough she naps back towards the gate and even my oldest who is 10 can't stop her. It is very amusing to watch (bad mother-leaves me in fits!!      ) but very frustrating for the kids and they obviously feel out of control so less inclined to ride! We don't have any small enclosed spaces to ride in so she does the width of a field at high speed trot!
So what would be my best option? A little kimblewick? Or a flash noseband? She doesn't particularly set her jaw and tank off-just is too strong for them due to their size and inexperience.  

I can only give you my experiences of a big strong horse who tanked off with me regularly for the first couple of months.

Started off with a snaffle..... all folks saw of me was a sillhouette disappearing over the horizon  

Went onto a kimblewick..... he hated it, and frightened me into the bargain, but it's easy to set it too high in the mouth, which is probably what I was doing.

Hacking alone, a magennis snaffle with a drop noseband usually did the trick. I was able to leave off the drop noseband after a while. (magennis snaffle has rollers in it to stop horse taking hold of it. I could also use it when I 'attempted' dressage comps too)

In company I found a pelham was the only answer, although in latter years I was able to discard it.

Hope this helps!

God I feel for your kids, i had the same problem many years ago. Only solution from my then riding instructor was to turn the little bugger mega quick onto a circle and almost put him on his ar** (never quite managed it though).

Bitting is such a mindfield that i couldnt even begin to suggest what bit to use. Have you tried one of the on line bit banks that will advise you and also let you trial any bit?  I have used them and found it well worth a phone call

I hope you get something sorted soon,


My New Forest was/is a real tank to ride. One foot on a track or grass & Wayhay!!! Found the 3 ring snaffle was quite good for her, though in her younger days stuck a pelham or kimblewick on her for shows & crosscountry.  She is now semi-retired but a couple of years ago tried a waterford snaffle.  Our local tack shop does a bit  hire service which was really helpful.  hope you find something thats suits  

I ride Holly in a loose ring waterford and have found it to be one of the few bits that have any effect. It stops her from bearing down too much because it doesnt have anything with any straightness in (if that make sense) and therefore she cant wrap her chops round it and hang on too much.  It isnt a bit I would recommend for everyone as it can be quite harsh and can stop them dead in their tracks (as i know from experience when i lost my balance over a fence once)


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