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Where to look for a second hand boat.

Where would folks suggest that I start to look for a  second hand boat. Websites, publications etc?
I'm thinking of a 13 to 15 foot open fibreglass fishing boat with a good trailer.

What happened to that one you had parked up a couple of years back?

Seriously though, in these hard economic times why not try to find where the finance snatch back boats are kept locally to you.

It is very possible to get a lot more for your money, by just paying the outstanding finance and an arrangement fee on a repossessed boat.

I was forced to sell it at a serious profit.

You forget where I live Gareth. We don't have snatch back compounds like that but a good bargain would be most acceptable.

The site above is very good. I bought a GP14 dinghy through them some years back.  Most people looking for/selling boats tend to use this site.

I just happen to know of a bloke who's desperate to sell's been on the market for absolutely ages  

Price seems to be coming down & down, too  

start looking at the end of the school holidays - loads of people get rid of them then, as they dont want servicing or storage charges.

How far do you want to travel bodger? I have a 13ft open boat and 8hp yamaha outboard I'm not useing.

I'm sorry not to have gotten back to you earlier but we quite literally have been without broadband since the second of July. We've had quite a saga between ourselves, SKY and BT but thats another long story. The boat sounds as though it might very well fit the bill but Linconshire is way too far away for us. Thanks for the thought though.

theres one for sale in tesco on the board

Get the details for me Tony, if you would

Check for ads. in local boat yards. They often advertise private sales.
Spend some pennies on Exchange & Mart if it's still around.
Don't think News International publish it.  

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