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Where to get spirits for fruit cordials

Hi All
I want to preserve some various fruits in spirits this year.  Blackcurrants, strawberries, cherries, blackberries etc.

Is it my imagination or has the price of spirits shot up?  I havn't really bought much for a while.

Where are the best places to buy - not too bothered what it is - vodka, rum, brandy - eau de vieu?  But I would prefer to get it as cheap as I can.  Anyone got any ideas?

All the best

lidi is good for cheap white spirit but T*sco aint bad either, their own brand stuff

My friend always buys me a bottle of Aldi's dark rum for my birthday and Christmas - it's under 10 a bottle - 6.99 if I remember rightly, but don't quote me and it's not bad rum at all.

I've had their vodka before and it wasn't brilliant, as vodkas go but I imagine when it's flavoured up with fruit, it would be okay and that was around or under 10 a bottle too.  Their brandy is nice as well but I can't remember the price of it off hand.

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