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Celtic Eagle

Where are shows advertised?


I know this sounds a daft question but is there a central list of agricultural, county, animal and game fairs?.  I never seem to hear about them till its too late.

or type in google...agricultural shows in UK

you could also try

Yeah try also agricultural show by county also in google.

Also listing in agri shows in Smallholder magazine and I think Country Smallholder.

Most Country game shows are listed in all reputable shooting magazines, most tend to be prior to the start of September 1 due to start of the shoot season but this isn't the case for all!  

Also if their are particular types of things you are interested in like rare breed animals etc. a lot of the agricultural auctions hold judging events prior to certain auctions throgh the year so search google for these too

Plus there are the sheep dog trials and other various events. Once you start digging amazing what you can find to do    
Celtic Eagle


Now I know where to look

Might be worth getting yourself on the mailing list for the Northern Farming Gazette-free newspaper that appears every month or so at ours-has lots of shows listed in there too......let me see if I can find a arrived yesterday
Send your details to:
Ann Batty
Northern Farming Gazette
Gazette House
King Street

or try

Delivered free throughout Cleveland, Derbyshire, Durham, Humberside, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.  
Celtic Eagle

Ta freckle

I'll have a look at that cos really it's local shows I'm looking for.


Years ago, when I was considering selling something or other at shows, I came across an organisation called the Showmans Guild. Try googling it, I think that they sent out a diary with most of the shows in it or had the dates on their website.

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