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David Smith

Wheel Size On Van


Anyone out there able to explain why the wheel sizes on my 416i Sprinter with the twin-wheel at the back are so much smaller than vans with single wheels at the back?

Best wishes

Is it rear wheel drive?

Twin wheelers carry more weight.
More weight requires different gear / diff ratios to be used in order to achieve acceptable acceleration.
Lowering ratio's reduces top speed.
Fitting larger diameter wheels will increase top / cruising speed at the expence of torque / acceleration.

A vehicle's theorical top speed is a product of rolling radii, rolling resistance, coefficient of friction, wind resistance, maximum governed crankshaft  rpm, top gear ratio, diff ratios.........

David Smith

Yes, it's rear wheel drive.

The acceleration can best be described as "enthusiastic" in 2nd and 3rd unless seriously loaded and going up steep hill  

It used to be an HGV rated 4,600kg but not wishing to have all the fun entailed with operator's licences etc I down-plated to 3,500.

My mechanic thought it was hilarious, as welding little diddy "bump-stops" to the crossmember over the rear axle would make &%^@-all difference given the size of the rear springs.

I'm vaguely considering going for "showman's special vehicle"

Best wishes

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