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Whats wrong with her?

When the daughters and i went to ride last night V said to me "Mum, Deevie doesnt feel right". Looking at the pony she looked ok but couldnt walk in a straight line, trotting was a no-no so V got off and we went home.

On investigation the poor pony cant turn right very well, definately cant walk in a straight line, she just does a good leg yield to get where she wants to and is lame in trot. She ate her tea last night, tried to turn right and there was a loud crack from somewhere and off she bimbled, going in a diagonal line again.

On the plus side she is still bright eyed, seems the same happy pone and is eating well. There are no obvious signs of any inflammation, swelling, sensitivity in any of her joints, legs, back etc is happy to have all her hooves picked up and can weight bear on them, so am at a loss to know what to think.

This am she is still not right so have phoned the vet and will await his conclusion. Someone at work did suggest she might have an ear infection as that would affect her balance but she doesnt seem unbalanced just unable to go in a normal straight line and uncomfortable on the right side.

I am sure she will be ok but at the moment have all these strange thoughts going through my brain of things like strokes (which i know horses can have) totally buggered up back etc etc. Will be on tenterhooks until this afternoon.


I hope that the vet is able to come up with a fast solution.
It seems starnge that she can't walk in a straight line
Good luck.

I hope the vet can help - it does seem strange.

Have you got a good 'back man' in the vicinity? Might be worth getting him to check her over - she might have put something out while rolling.

The vet came out today and was as nonplussed as the rest of us. Deevie seems abit easier and less stiff thankfully. There was abit of tenderness on her back and the vet thinks she may have hurt herself whilst rolling or bouncing away from one of the others.

Anyway she is in a bit of the field on her own, so whatever she has done cannot be repeated over the next couple of days, is on bute for the next 4 days and has had an injection of bute today. She also had some blood taken to make sure that it isnt anything to do with ragwort. Apparently ragwort poisoning starts off with similar symptoms but the horse wants to rest its head against something to keep it still!!! Fingers crossed the results will be negative.

She seems alot easier and freer in her walk and is able to move in a straight line. Time will tell

New Barns

Has she been visited by your farrier recently?  We had a pony with nail prick who displayed very similar symptoms. Reluctance to go in one direction due to pain from the shoe.  Just a thought.

She is due a visit from the farrier next week so he will check then. She is now back to normal (thankfully). We are giving her an extra couple of days off as she is now off the bute and will take her for a gentle bimble on friday all being well. The blood tests came back as negative, apparently she is very healthy for a 19 yr old. I have come to the conclusion that she jarred her back either rolling in the field or being chased by my eldest daughters pony.


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