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Whats for dinner ?

Hey Stumpy hows this bunch look for fish and chips ?

Looking good Von  I haven't eaten a chip in nearly two months but some perch fillets would be a different matter.  

Nice haul, since your trip on Canandaigua?

You'd have been up before the Beak doing that over here Flat'.
Or at least Hung, Drawn and Quartered.

adirondack-jim wrote:
Nice haul, since your trip on Canandaigua?

Another trip to Canandaigua ! cold North wind to boot . Planning a trip to Keuka Lake ----------soon.

Bazzer , We have a limit of 50 each , my partner and I have marks on our rods that we gauge how big the fish are -----we keep nothing under 10 inches . The huge Dinosaur females laden w/ eggs we throw back unless they've come from the deep .

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