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what type of garden do you have

just sitting in the garden over the weekend just wondered what type of garden other people where relaxing  in. My front garden is like a park lawn borders all set out with bedding plants .The back is just one patio with a rockery with pond and waterfall down the side scatterd with tubs and baskets on a pergola counted 64 fuchia's in 26 varieties along with begonias and geraniums  oh and 36 chrysanths on the smallholding

Ours is a bit of a typical country garden...........flower bed in the centre of the grass, bisected with a bark path down to the lane, & full of poppys & other stuff (can't remember, I'm afraid............Jo's the flower expert ) Alpine strawberries along the front of the house, then a bed beside the conservatory with night-scented stock, cornflowers, idle susan & a host of mixed wildflowers . Between the hen coop & the house are more night-scented stock & cornflowers (and more stuff that I can't recognise, but looks bonny) Veg' patch at the rear, & my orchard (which is actually only 3 3' trees at the moment, but doesn't 'orchard' sound grand?    )

And lots & lots of bdooly grass that seems to grow before my very eyes  

ours is a bit awkward. It's basically long and narrowish (about 30' wide) but it turns to the left by 90 degrees at the top. I'd say it probably about 2/3 acre, so quite long. ANd it's up a slope.
It's broken down into 3 or 4 sections; a garden, and old orchard, a paddock with some sheds etc and (now) the vege patch.
It used to be a working smallholding (and will be again) but for at least the last 30 years it hasn't had anything done to it other than cutting the grass. Many of the fruit trees are past their best and are no longer productive (the orchard is where the hens are at the moment) so that needs some work this winter. Many of the boundries (devon banks) are overgrown and need major work on them.
The garden section has had some work done on it over the years, but most of that is by way of making is look suburban (including large areas of the ubiquitous decking   ) and I am slowly working on mrs M to bring her round to my way of thinking that we should rip it out and keep livestock there (there's a smallish pond in the decking that could be expanded and she even suggested ducks could go there!!!).
Lots of work in front of me...

Ours is currently very much like a builders and timber yard combined with a pallet stripping yard.

With me and Oz almost constantly walking up and down the garden, only the grass on the lawn that is shaded from the midday sun has survived.

However, the flower borders, potted plants, hanging baskets, vegetable and herb planters are all doing exceptional well.  

We are hoping to have all of the major back breaking work to both the house and the garden completed by mid September, so that we can start to plan ahead ready for next year's growing season.  

We have a decent size garden - about 1/2 an acre. The chickens have about 1/3rd of that and the rest is laid to lawn, veg garden and flowerbeds. We have a greenhouse and fruit cage in the chickens field along with 3 big compost bins. I like to think its a cottage garden - i do deliberately leave wild areas and am rewarded with a good selection of birds,butterflies and the odd hedgehog.
I grow loads of veg - in fact i havnt really bought any excluding peaches since the end of May. Love Lizzie

If you can find it, its a bit of a wildlife haven.

Struggling to describe ours.

This is our special bit....


Lorrainelovesplants wrote:
This is our special bit....

oooooo, nice!

Mo wrote:
Struggling to describe ours.

That means I'd like it Mo!
Grandma Bodger

its a mess owing to a leaking oil tank, should I go on, why not, all contaminated soil taken away concrete base drilled and gone. New base put down away from the house it is now illegal for it be near the house only been there for 25yrs waiting for them to fit new tank which is standing in the drive. The rest of the garden OK    

Oh gosh, my garden, erm.... house is set into the bank at the back, so my drive at the front then becomes the garden.

And it's all set on granite so it's a pig to try and plant anything.

There was lots of manky concrete here when I came, so a lot of it has been disguised with slate chippings.

And it's by the sea and very windy for a lot of the year, so anything fragile is out of the question.

So, I've got a large slate chipping drive, surrounded by hebe, juniper and screened with leylandii (yeah.. I know, but they shelter the place from the sea breezes, and stop my car being sandblasted)
Round the corner there's a huge pond which was set into a border of boulders with rockery plants, then onto a round paved area for table and chairs, which overlooks the sea and the sunset in the summer.(there was a pergola but it blew down   )
Lots of pots everywhere, because I can move them when the weather gets bad.
Steps down to the stable yard, and the whole lot looks over the couple of acres of field I've got between me and the road.
I spend most of my time fighting with the brambles and nettles!

Bit of a disaster area, the chucks have scoffed anything smaller than a medium sized tree if it isn't thorn covered or in the greenhouse! Still we get the nicest eggs there are as payback!

We go with Mo and bodger  
Paul N

Ours is about 1/4 acre, on a chalky hillside in Kent. Much of it is raised beds made from railway sleepers and mostly planted with easy-to-care-for shrubs. In January/February I took up all of the turf from the front garden and turned it into a Rose Garden. I had close on fifty roses at the time, all dotted around the garden and each one slowly getting elbowed out by neighbouring shrubs. Now they are in their own raised beds and opposite my workshop so I keep an eye on them every day. We live 200yds from a great big pile of very well rotted horse muck and the rose garden has received twenty two barrowloads of this black gold. I now have 55 roses with more on order for November.

I write a gardening column for my local village magazine also.

Well I have just walked in after mowing the lawns, and it takes 2 hours, we have a big garden tractor for mowing....thank goodness, the garden was made when we moved here so I just do the mowing, which I like,
(it's brainless time), and weed the flower beds which are mostly perrenials for the humming birds, I love it!

Well this is our little piece of paradise, when we moved in 3 years ago the only thing growing here was grass, grass, and more grass, there was one shed with a broken door and it's roof was inside of it.
So we started with a veggie plot.

Then added things as we went along, a pond, a patio, kennels, another shed, and loads of plants and shrubs.

There is a quirky pub in Borth, North Wales called The Friendship, we have begun building  of a little seating area inspired by the beer garden at this pub, it has allsorts of strange things hidden in among the climbing plants and trellises, we have also put in a fire pit.

You can make a seat out of anything really, just put a cushion on the drainer of a Belfast sink, or 2 tyres with an old plastic bread tray on top.


Great pics, thanks for sharing
I love your firepit!

I remember the pics when you first moved in, J ...........looks like you have put a lot of work in, looks good now.... mate.  

I also like seats made of anything, dotted about the garden.

I have sweet william's growing out of an old crapper.

I'm looking at putting a pond in next spring, trouble the OH wants a rather large one, and I know who will have to do all the work.

Thanks guys.

Hey P... that must be the sweetest smelling toilet i've ever heard of  

Same thing with our pond, we've got to have a decent sized one she said, luckily a neighbour had a mini digger on hire so I slipped him a few bob to dig ours whilst she was out shopping with her mother    I did tell her eventually.
Neighbour reckons he took 4-5 tonne of clay out of the ground.
It dont look so big in the pics but it is about 15 ft long, 8ft at the widest point, and 3ft at the deepest  

But i'm pretty sure with some of the toys you have at your disposal you could have a decent sized lake matey.  

Help can't find the loo  That is fantastic we been here 15 years and I done nothing,  showed the boss your's and now got to start   might get digger at weekend and dig hole   plus make a plan and keep to it   we have lots of old "stuff" around here heaps of tyres thanks for the photos and ideas hope you don't mind if I copy we are a long way away

Copy away mate, I feel quite honoured to be truthful  

Even if I did get my ideas from elsewhere    

North wales!  It's west wales here      but yes its still as quirky as ever, think its to old to change or try to be anything else now

dan wrote:
North wales!  It's west wales here      but yes its still as quirky as ever, think its to old to change or try to be anything else now

 OOOPPPSSSS! I consider myself corrected  

Just found this post thought I.d add a photo of our small cottage garden Which becomes our main living area in summer, can.t wait archi.

You's lot continue to inspire me...from a collapsed a garden that contains and supplies all your needs....
Little havens around each and every corner ....I tiff my hat to one and all...

spring time here

It's interesting to see the diversety in gardens but they will change as the seasons change and mine is no exeption

smallholding spring all ready for planting


Our's is a sub tropical garden. High rainfall in the summer, around the 72 inch mark annually and dry winters. We have definite seasons and even get a dozen or so frosts in the winter, although the days get up to 22-25c.

A couple of shots of the dam.

The driveway in autumn.

Daylillies and agapanthus


Love the first pic', reflections in the dam, beautiful   so clear....

MUD+WATER   to-day   is it time to start getting ready for a good garden next spring

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