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What to do with plums?

Already started a plum wine thread

And will make some jam, but I have so many plums its not funny I have a huge box picked so far and we haven't even made a dent in the trees!

Mind you I could go out there in a minute and they could have gone, stolen by birds or worse, possums!

So anyone got some good recipes for plums?


How about doing a rumptopf type thing with vodka or white rum?  Will provide you with boozy fruits later in the year and a delicious plum liqueur to boot  

Ah now I would be in a terrible dilemma there! To pour all that lovely alcohol over fruit and not into a tall glass with ice and a slice!        

I used to have a rumtof jar somewhere! No idea what happened to it.

NZPOME wrote:
Ah now I would be in a terrible dilemma there! To pour all that lovely alcohol over fruit and not into a tall glass with ice and a slice!        

I used to have a rumtof jar somewhere! No idea what happened to it.

Ah but believe me, the resulting fruit liqueur later in the year is well worth waiting for     And you can drink it on it's own, over ice or even drizzled over icecream.  Sounding good enough to get over your dilemma yet?

Well I could be! Now to find a receptacle to put it in!

Any ceramic pot that won't let in the light would be good - you must be able to seal it in some way - even if you put cling film over the top and then a plate on top of it.   You'll find a way, I'm sure  

So what do I do?

Put them in jar and cover with alcohol? How do I stop th efruit floated!

So many questions so little wine..............oops mean time!

Ah now I dont have a ceramic pot

Put your fruit in your pot, sprinkle over a layer of sugar (I don't use too much sugar as I don't like the end result to be too sweet) and then pour alcohol of choice to cover, put a small plate on top to hold the fruit under the alcohol.  Traditionally you would make it with different soft fruit as they come into season so have layers of different fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, cherries, etc.  But doing it with just one fruit works as well.  I guess you could use kilner type jars if you don't have a ceramic pot.  I would wrap them in a tube of brown paper or card and keep them in a dark/cool cupboard (but not a fridge).

Hiya Sue,

Why not make a plum Vinegar?

I have made a Damson vinegar and it is an absolutely fabulous addition to a stir fry, a roast, or salad vinegarette. ..... ..... .....  ask Lois, Lizzie, Stan, Kaz, etc. (P.S. I like it on Ice cream and pancakes).

Fruit Vinegar Recipe

Ooh great pistorial Garruf! Ta.

Thats a couple more things to be doing!

There you go then - you'll be saying you don't have enough plums next  

Better get out  there and get the rest before the wildlife do!

Dry them for Prunes an' Lumpy Custard as per School Dinners.
welsh lamb

I love braised pork with plums
I triple the amount of plums stated though  

Well I made some jam........(not much I know, will do more, run out of sugar)

Which hardy made a dent..........

And there's still more to pick...

I shall be trading some for some home stilled booze later!  
Rare one

I'd freeze some for later ,what BP would give for that amount of fruit, he'd think he was in heaven. I'll show him later.

Hi rare one, yep I'm going  to freeze some too. I've been told you can just put them in like they are, I might just take out the pips first though

What about doing some plums in Maderia, great with ice cream, or in pancakes dizzled with melted chocolate.

I use the following

1 1/2 kilograms plums (purple)
1 deciliter water
500 grams sugar
3 deciliters Madeira
1 tsp vanilla

Slice the plums, remove stones.
Cook up the water and sugar, add vanilla and madeira, pour over plums.

Don't forget to put some anti fungus product in the jars before you put plums in.

After you pour the whole lot into jars you need to stir for 3-4 days then on the fifth day put the lid on. Store in cool place

Easy and they taste fantastic.

I did plums in maderia, pears in sherry, strawberries in rom last year and will be doing a larger amount this year.

welsh lamb

I freeze them - but halve them and take the stones out first - saves on dentist bills  

I froze 10kgs of them yesterday and still the box is half full! And still some on the tree.

I said to Joe about some of the ideas! It seems any fruit soaked on alcohol is out! Don't ask m why! But i reckon its up there on his list of dislikes with buttons, beads and tinned fruit! I blame his mother!

But.....we are going out later to buy a plastic barrel so I can make some wine............

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