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What to do with a jar of juniper berries?

A while back, Karen bought some juniper berries as an ingredient to go into one of The Hairy Bikers recipes that she was doing. Well, over the weekend she asked me if I had any ideas as to what she might use the surplus in and I didn't. Then yesterday, our copy of Country Living plopped through the letterbox and came  to the rescue. It must have been fate, because this months issue contained this scrummy recipe. At the moment, I have a few plump bunnies in the orchards filling themselves on windfall apples and I can see one of them volunteering its services fairly shortly.
I hope that you can read the writing, its certainly looks and sounds scrumptious.
And to doubly damn myself, we have an annual subscription for this rather pretentious but all the same interesting magazine and we pay for it using Tesco points.  


They're also good with venison and for making corned beef.


We've got two shoulders of venison in the freezer.

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Recipes
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