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What they haven't said in this report?

What they haven't said in this report is that the course fish in this clip are being poached by Eastern European migrant workers.

Most of the poaching round here is done bu brits who can't be arsed to buy a permit.  I even stopped being a member of the most local to me AA which had a small private access reservoir less than 5 minutes walk from my house.  Whenever it was stocked you couldn't move down there for Kappa track suited chavs pulling out fish and even barbequeing them on the spot.  Not even worth confronting them as I'd prefer not to get battered or stabbed in the name of angling.

I am aware of the amopunt of poaching done by the poles etc, but I just wanted to flag that there are many British folk who feel that they can take whatever they want whenever they want it and either play an intimidation or ''I didn't think you needed a permit'' card.

Although they have caught and prosecuted a few Eastern Europeans for poaching and fish stealing here in East Anglia, the majority of the illegal set lines, and nets put out out in the rivers, dykes and broads is local Brits who then sell on the catch to Eastern Europeans.

I know for a fact that the Broads Authority are turning a blind eye to some of the poachers because they wish to avoid violent confrontations.

Nearly choked on my tea when the reporter stated 'after the clampdown on Poachers South of the border' There has been a real problem here for some time, with no redress coming. The only waters which are looked after are those with paying Anglers, Game Fishermen/women. Course fishing is free. With nearly all the waters out of sight and quite remote, it leaves the poachers with a sense of security. Mainly because the Gardai are not going to come out and there are no bailiffs. The blame (got to have a blame in Ireland) has been put squarely on the Eastern European community. Again another choking tea moment. The majority of Angling tourists here are French and German after Pike. There has been a bag limit of 2 Pike per day put in place to preserve stocks. Usually the B&B owners will collect the Pike off the angler and put it in the freezer, allowing the angler to catch another 2. These fish are taken back to Europe and sold for profit.



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