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Rick & Carol

what season is this

I planted my Garlic out a couple of weeks ago expecting it to come up in the spring to harvest in June, its been mild & wet here and...

My broad beans are about a foot high! I'm thinking about pulling them out and resowing mas I don't think they will come through the winter. Garlic is also through but that is quite normal, I expect to see a bit of growth before the winter
Rare one

We have daffodil leaves come through in the last few days. way to early.

I have roses putting out new leaves and flower buds…and they're opening up too.
Fuchsias as well are putting out new flower buds, even the begonias are still trying to bloom.
By now the Ocas are usually looking very straggled and bedraggled yet they're still green and vigorous looking.
I'm still picking fruits from the Autumn raspberries too.

Might be sodden wet but it's mild for November.


Methinks that this weekend will sort a lot of things out looking at our local forecast which even mentions a little snow.

strange here too 25eg one day 10night next day 13 night 1 frost.   next pouring with rain  

I walked home down the sunny sheltered bypass this morning to find catkins on the hazels and gorse in bloom. And spotted forsythia in full bloom around my estate today!

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