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What's your growing season 2016 like so far!

Good year? Bad year? Difficult year?

Some things are managing and some are not here. It's slow and late due to lack of sun but not unproductive. A good year to grumble about the weather though.

We have very little room here, but we do have some runners in and they're galloping up the poles. Oddly enough, the ones we planted out the front that got run over aren't doing quite as well
Dave C

Cabbage, Lettuce & Broccoli are all doing really well.
But my peas & Beans are really struggling this year, it's a new bed for them and think it needs more muck in it.
Dave C

But it's been funny weather and an explosion of slugs !

Yes funny year, broad beans doing well, sweet corn looks ok, runner beans seem to lost the idea to climb poles or to germinate in the garden, climbing beans are even worse, courgette's pumpkins etc looking yellow leaved and stressed. reckon the potatoes have blight. the peas failed to come up and only half the beetroot has survived.
pigeons trying to eat the brassicas.
The flowers containers mostly seem slow this year as well.
I think that this is my worst performance for several years.

We only have about 100sqft in raised beds. It's our first year growing veg, so we've kept a tally. To date:

Broad bean 975 gm
Carrot 181 gm
Cabbage Pointed 1
Calabrese Kabuki 121 gm
Baby Cauliflower Igloo 3
Courgette - baby 180 gm
Herbs not parsley 88 gm
Lettuce - Baby Salad 1412 gm
Lettuce Little Gem 17
Onions Spring onion 3
Pak Choi 756 gm
Parsley 15 gm
Pea Mangetout 479 gm
Radish 51
Spinach Baby 350 gm
Spinach For Freezing 660 gm
Baby Turnip 160 gm

We're quite chuffed!


Most things are doing ok , beans are good , peas ? my firsts owing never came , the second are looking good and the third have never come ,  i reckon its mice .  once again my currant bushs are laden with berrys , and im going to dig my first shaw of tatties this morning , i'm happy , but dont tell anyone !!!

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