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Dave C

What's your favourite Laying Breed?

I like big eggs and I like them either White or Dark Brown.

So no surprise my favourite Laying Breeds are Leghorns, Welsummers and Marans.

What's yours?

No surprises here, when I say that it has to be the Ancona. They lay nice white sized eggs and in a fair quantity too. They're also pretty rare these days and its also nice to keep something that's a bit different and out of the ordinary.

I also like Leghorns but unfortunately some of the strains have been bred by the show people for their extreme sized combs and are no longer practical.
Rick & Carol

RIR for me although we have some Calder Rangers just now (RIR derivative) fantastic big eggs and almost every day, probably 7 out of eight most days. Good at going to bed too. Only issue is they are so light even with clipped wings they leap into paddocks they are not meant to be. I'm just waiting for one to get stuck in with the pigs

You've done well to get hold of a good laying strain of RIR's There's a guy a couple of miles up the road who over the years has tried three or four strains without any joy. He's been in despair with them at times.

The showing fraternity have lost the egg laying capabilities of most of the RIR's but then you can say the same about most of the old pure bred laying breeds.

I've also found the RIR cocks to be nasty and  aggressive towards people.

bodger wrote:

I've also found the RIR cocks to be nasty and  aggressive towards people.

i had one that was particularly aggressive -each morning he would beat up a muscovy drake just for fun.Well the muscovy drake had the feathers cut on one wing by me to stop[ him flying off.
One morning I was late for work because the Muscovy decided he had had enough and was ready to fight. Boy did they fight. The Drake won -he managed to stand on the RIR cock and beat him with his stump-take a breather then give him some more and more and more. Anyway after that beating each morning the Drake would go looking for the RIR who woudl leg it down the field. Amusing to watch the RIR  bully being harassed.

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