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What's that then?

Having passed this a couple of times I eventually got out of the car to take a closer look.
I had hoped there might be a plaque or something telling me what it was - no such luck.

Thanks to t'internet I now know the what and why, the question is do you know what it is?


I think thats an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture!

Well spotted.  I quite like his stuff.[/u]

I'm impressed!  

It certainly is by Andy Goldsworthy.

Are Say " Nowt much gets passed Folks on 'ear, does it Lass"  

Not a lot  

I'll come back later and explain what it is and why it was built - let a few more folk have a looksee first.

Here's a link to more of his Work.


The photo is of the Warcop Pinfold Cone, a pinfold being a pound for stray animals.
In 1996 Andy Goldsworthy OBE undertook the Sheepfolds Project which was part of the Year of Visual Arts.
The Pinfold Cones were built in folds around Kirkby Stephen and relate to the Nine Standards on Hartley Fell, sometimes called Nine Standards Rigg.

There's a fold in our village but there's nowt in it

I did a blog post about this and came across a site called Pounds and Pinfolds.
Our village pound is not listed on the National Register they are trying to compile so I've been in touch with them.
The one in our village may be a Manorial Pound which, apparently, is significant. I hope to find out more!


Good luck with search

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