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What's for supper.

As it has ben a cold windy wet day, I went for something that will warm the insides, and decided on a vension ragout with minted new potato's.

What's on your menu for this evening?

Warm and drizzly day here in Norwich. I have had the cold smoker going again today. So we had oven roasted Hawthorn Smoked Chicken breasts, stuffed with Herby butter (no garlic this evening), steamed new potatoes and green leaf salad with a side dish of home grown coleslaw.

Funnily enough Gareth, I to have the cold smoker on the go today.

Couple of gammon steaks, piece of Red Leicester, red and yellow peppers, a round of Camembert and some salt.

Should be done around midnight.

Bodger harvested new potatoes last week so I ccoked lamb chops with new potatoes, veg and mint sauce for tea.

Pork burgers from my local farm's pigs. Yum!

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