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Dave C

What's been on your Bird Table today ?

Thought i would start a thread about the Garden birds we all get visiting our Feeders and Tables each day.

As well as the usual frenzy of sparrows this morning, we had the Tits and Greenfinches on the peannuts, Mr Chaffinch on the ground cleaning up with the Dunnocks and a visit from a Redstart  

This is the second day its turned up which is great but i think they are only here until about October.

Whats going on in your gardens ?

Sparrows, blue tits, great tits, coal tits, chaffinches, robin, wren (in the hedge and among the roses) pigeons   big wood pigeons, woodpecker, rook and a crow.

It's right in front of the living room window, so I see them

Yorkshire Geordie

Mrs Y.G. tends our bird table which is in the garden and in full view.

It can be seen in the right hand bottom corner in this shot:-

She hangs fat balls and seed hangers in the surrounding trees and on poles.

Visitors to this set up include wood pigeon, collared dove, robin, blackbird, great spotted woodpecker, herring gull, wren, chaffinch, greenfinch, goldfinch, blue tit, coal tit, long tailed tit, sparrow, dunnock, blackcap, kestrel and pheasant.

We have never had them all at the same time but they all regularly visit.
Dave C

Gardens looking nice Martyn  
Dave C

Dont know if its because it rained all weekend but the gardens been crazy with birds this morning  

We get woodpeckers on the peanuts regulary but saw one in the bird bath for the first time  
Yorkshire Geordie

Thanks for the compliment, Dave.

We had a visitor yesterday between showers and Mrs YG clicked this shot:-

He didn't wait for fresh food so flew off.  
Dave C

Nice pic  

They are nice to see and they aren't if you know what I mean.
They say it's a sign of a good song bird population, but everything's Gota eat.
Dave C

Had a few Coal tits on the feeders today.

Been putting some Niger seeds out for the Goldfinches
They already visit the garden but don't feed, so fingers crossed
Yorkshire Geordie

We get lots of different birds on our feeders, Dave.
Here are a few:-


Possibly a bullfinch  


Regular visitors

This magpie dropped by to see what he could get

As did this greedy gull

Squirrels even attack the feeders, but ....

this slow worm couldn't make it up to feed - so he crept away.


It,s a good job magpie and gull didn,t spot the slow worm or he would have been dinner
Dave C

Good pics as always Martyn  

We had a Sparrowhawk take a Greenfinch yesterday, so they are all looking a little nervious this morning still.
Dave C

Put some Niger seed feeders up a few weeks ago and finally got some Gold finches brave enough to try them this morning.

Also got my first pair of Nuthatches in the garden today  
So a good morning on the feeder today.
Yorkshire Geordie

I think the tables are busy because the adults are eagerly grabbing everything for the little ones as well as themselves.

The magpie even managed to grab things off the table recently.

This kestrel didn't take from our table but made his own verge side killing instead, just the other day.

Dave C

The love doves

The other night

Last summer

mrs tiggywinkle

 This woodpecker comes quite regularly as does the squirrel. seen here eating the peanuts.

 We also have blue tits, great tits, robins lots of sparrows, a blackbird who waits for seeds to drop to the ground and many more
Dave C


Today whilst I had a minute waiting for Jane to get ready (turned into 45 mins and I fell asleep) but anyway, I stood watching the back garden for a bit, no bird table but saw.

2 Song Thrushes
2 Blackbirds
2 Dunnocks
1 Wren
1 Robin
1 Chaffinch
and a Kestrel (male)  

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