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Dave C

What's attacking my fruit trees ?

It's only on my Pear and Plums

Luckily all my Apple trees are fine.


Dave C


What you think ?

Is that curly leaf on the plum 'Spray with copper' bur don't spray after flowers start as it kills bees.

Our plum tree looks like that too it,s finished flowering and set fruit

Usually (for us) if the plum trees look like that they have aphids. Don't know if you have those? If so, we usually just set mass amounts of ladybird beetles . May take a season or two, depending on how bad set the pests are, before it gets under control.

Pretty sure leaf curl is caused by aphids. Lack of ladybirds around at the moment. Certainly is around here only seen a few this year.
The aphid is laid on the leaf, then produces a spit like foam, which causes the leaf to curl up a bit like cuckoo spit.
Cures as others have already said. A pain in the proverbial I know
Other than that try spraying with a mix of washing up liquid and water, they don't like a bath...
Best of luck....

Just looked it up. Sometimes called Leaf Midge, common on pear  trees and one or two others, not common on apples. A grub that secretes a foam.
Control is difficult, hard  to spray. best method remove leaves and burn. Usually attacks young leaves.

Obviously I read that directly from a book..


DD yes we use the dish washing water on our roses to kill off aphids didn't know they caused leaf curl thanks
Dave C

Thanks for all the info

To be honest if I remove all the effected leaves there will be none left  

Will try spraying with soapy water and let you know how I get on

cold comfort farm

Cherry tree

1//2 of our Cherry tree and some apple trees have done exactly the same.  You are not on your own.

I never sprayed our trees with soapy water (only low lying plants, bushes) as they were just too big~thus the ladybirds were "hired" as a last resort (they are sold in our garden center's)'s it going, Dave C? Did it work? ...more importantly, did ya get 'em completely sprayed? (If so, I'd love to hear the *hows* of how ya did it)!
Dave C

Like you the trees are just too big
They seem to be having a second flush of leaves and there is a few more ladybirds round doing there job now (although not as many as normal)

a lot of the fruit has perished but hopefully some will survive

Took me forever to recognise their larvae! Once I did though, I was completely shocked at how many there were!! It's like having a gazillion teenage boys~ALWAYS eating! Maybe look 'round a bit and see if the next generation is "working" their way foward on your trees.
Dave C

Also was advised to keep tha base of the tree free from grass which helps break the aphid cycle
So this years pullets are in a pen keeping the grass down.


Great news and pullets will eat all other bugs etc.

Pleased you got it sorted, looking very healthy now

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