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What is smelling nice in your garden?

One of the honeysuckle has just come into flower and the scent of it, especially in the evening, is wonderful......

what is smelling nice in your garden?

Got a fabulous display of lavender again this year and thats smelling quite gorgeous and the bees are milling about happily on it.  The butterfly bush isn't doing so well but it has flowered and thats also smelling nice - just have to move close up to that one though!

Some lillies just coming out and will smell gorgeous.  Got some on the dining room table and the moment and the scent fills the room.

Lillies here too...I think they are my absolute favourite flower. The petunias smell really strongly too and I have some good old fashioned shrub roses that are still looking good. Also i grew some heliotrope from seed and have them mixed with tobacco plants for a really fragrant border. Love Lizzie

Just a few things that smell good in our garden at the moment.


Our night-scented stock is in full bloom now.................I think that has to be my all-time favourite! I love being out at dusk (especially if it's a bit damp) & getting wafts of scent every few seconds. Gorgeous!  

I love night scented stock as well but the past couple of years I just haven't got around to sowing any.  Ah well, I have to manage with a bottle of night scented stock fragrance oil - nice, but it's not the same!

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