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Yorkshire Geordie

What is a brace?

When you buy a brace do you expect a single bird or two?


Eh ?
A brace is a pair; usually a cock and a hen.
That said, last time I was bartered a brace of ducks, it was two male mallards, so I think it's sometimes what they actually have shot.

Those are pretty cheap there though.


Two birds/rabbits/whatever in a brace, and two brace is 4 birds/rabbits/whatever.
Dave C

Yes, as above

We only get 30p per pheasant from the game dealer
And he get hundreds from us each season.

Five or six quid to buy in the butcher's though.
Grouse is nearly twice that  


Two. I reckon that's a fiver for four birds.

5.00 for 4 birds is a good deal  
chicken feed

Braces of pheasants were selling at Melton last week between 60p & 2.00
Yorkshire Geordie

bodger wrote:
Two. I reckon that's a fiver for four birds.

That's exactly the irony of the picture that I noticed, Bodger.
I reckon the assistant that posted the notice thinks that a "brace" means only one (in reference to a pheasant at 3.50) and to tempt the buyer with two pheasants for 5.

Ignorance is bliss!  

I ought to have gone up and taken atwo "braces" and given them 5.00, but I'm not greedy.

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