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What ferret are you using

this season? I'm going to give one of the smaller breeds a try? I lost my best worker earlier on in the year and this is her replacement.

Heres hoping he'll do the job.  

Cracking Ferret Tayside and i am sure he will do the buisness...I find that you really cant beat the TRUE ferrets,my albino gill and ones i have worked in the past really done a top job..i also have a hob as well that i will b working for the first time this year so i will see how he gets on,i will chuck some pics up the workforce for this year when i get 5..good luck with him tayside,my favourite time of the year approches fast,yeeee-ha!!!    

He's a nice wee lad mate   Looking forward to getting out, that's for sure! I'll have Munch & Pounce on the go from the start. Along with Bubble & Squeak, of course. The two wee 'bino jills will get their turn too. Poor wee Chuckles is in the middle of a heavy moult though. Poor wee bugger's nearly bald. She's covering up a wee bit now though

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