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What farmers may have in store.

If the Labour party gets form the next government, then this is the person that UK farmers may have to deal with.

He must surely have known that the lady would be a controversial choice though ? Maybe he thought that it would really generate discussion ?

I do know that there's a very good book, it's called, "Diet for a small planet", and it's rather shocking just what the impact is of animal farming vs arable for human consumption, on our land, water, etc..

At the end of the day, we're lucky we have the choice, though most folks can't afford the choice of free range or supermarket special deals.

I don't eat meat, but my husband does. I have friends who only eat 'wild meat' that they have hunted or fished for themselves. I also have friends who seem to live on the stuff from Farmfoods and Iceland though
I have one who says he only eats, "Organic, free ranged, pretentious, oak smoked, unsalted, bacon", and one who seems to survive purely on brown rice and beans.
Each to their own, but it can be an interesting conversation when they all start

How much more land would you need to be entirely self sufficient in animal feed too Bodger ?
I suspect that for most folks life is too short.


To put a vegan into a ministry in charge of agriculture and fisheries is beyond belief but for someone in her position to then go on and compare meat eaters with smokers is contemptible. I'm a meat eater but as far as I know, people aren't dying as a result of passive meat eating.

As far as appointing her to produce discussion, I think it unlikely. Either he didn't do his homework with regard to her beliefs, or else she was the only MP prepared to take a job on under his leadership.
Corbyn was elected by the Labour party membership but only had a minority of fellow labour MP's who supported him.

Ehm, the lady made those comments in an interview with a very, very Vegan activist, publication….and it was before she was appointed to this post.

Truth out of context isn't always the full truth, iimmc…..and we all learn, thankfully

I think more important is what the lady believes, now, and how that will transfer to her shadow cabinet role.
Maybe she'd protect the bees ? unlike the present incumbent who sneaked in approval of beekilling pesticides at a private, and last minute, meeting.
How does she stand on free range vs intensive ? or GM ? or support for small farmers, rural communities, home grown vs imported ?


Against meat and hunting.

Farming's not just animals though, and hunting in our overcrowded islands is always contentious.

Why should it be someone pro meat eating and pro hunting ? I'm sure that if it were then the vegans and such like could every bit expect the Minister to accept the validity of their point of view just as much as animal husbandry folks should expect this one to see theirs ? It's always going to be a juggle.
One can only hope that the person in position is actually intelligent enough to try to see all farmers thrive.

According to Govt. statistics 6% of the population are mainly vegetarian. They do eat grain, fruit and vegetables though and those farmers too need representation.

I think this appointment was deliberately contentious. It's got folks talking and taking notice, hasn't it ?


Yup, they'll take notice. I don't think there's any chance of another socialist government under this crew.
Livestock husbandry is one of the cornerstones of the UK's agricultural  industry. An industry which is worth millions to the UK economy, so putting one of the 6% in charge of it is a truly inspired decision. Add that to the fact that she has a degree in Russian and a constituency in Luton and I'm sure that the countryside and agriculture are in really safe pair of hands.

bodger, it's a discussion to be had and there are two sides to every coin. It'll do the ruling party the world of good to get poked by the unexpected.

You as a pig man and me as a vegetarian aren't going to see eye to eye but you look to have standards in your pig rearing that my farming father would have accepted as being of standard so I won't poke you if you won't poke me.

Better we see what's on offer for government posts amongst the shadow ones this early in the electoral cycle.

If the present government falls flat on its face over the EU referendum then we'd all better know what the alternatives are eh?

As I see it, the bees/pesticides decision, strangely under- reported by the Tory controlled press, is a far more pressing problem than a chance comment taken out of context.

And don't worry bodger, I'm sure the present prime minister will do all he can to encourage pork production. Snigger......  

At least he eats it.

Our PM said when milk prices/demand fell that dairying wasn't the big thing for us now. WHEN our $ dropped and things started to crash he started to change topics. 'the creep'

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