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What drill bits...

...will drill through sea shells?!?

I'm *trying* to make a shell wind-chime and not having much luck. Mr Dingbat is really busy and I already got him to set up my new dremel drill thing and stand but the drill bit just won't make a difference...

I believe there are several types, masonry (for walls, I guess....) metal (obvious) and wood (also obvious..)

Mr Dingbat gave me some but they are old and I think blunt and TBH I think I should be able to drill through a blinkin' shell without too much help??

Thanks in advance!

If you want big holes then you need Glass & Tile bits.

For small holes then HSS jobber metal drill bits on a slowish speed with lots of water as a coolant.


Thanks Gareth! I'll pop down town tomorrow after work

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