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What do you think of this?

Lovely idea----but if the inventor thinks puffing a bit of smoke in will stop some of the bees coming out of the pod into the house when it's opened he's clearly never opened a hive up. ---apart from the many other drawbacks to the idea.

Not knowing anything about bee keeping, I thought, as I'm sure many other uneducated people will, that it looked great - but I wondered what sort of problems you could actually get with it!  I would be interested to see what proper bee keepers make of it!

I don't know anything about bee keeping, but I know Philips.
IF it happens, it will look great, it will get great reviews, it will not work, the failure rate will be high, it will be quietly dropped.....

I don't keep bees but next door will love the bees taking over their garden and house even more so if someone reacts to their sting also they poop on cars etc well did when a place near here had hives, looks good love the idea BUT!!!!!! Wish we could keep bees but know nothing about them at all except love honey.

Sorry, It'll never work. Bees are wild animals

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> The Beehive
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