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What could have killed my toad then?

We had visitors last night and we sat out in the garden with a glass or two. We saw them off the premises just before eleven and as we left the garden, my friends young daughter said she saw a frog go under the log store. The log store is a few yards away directly opposite our back door. We thought no more about it but at around 2.00 am, our kennel dogs went berserk and started barking as though something or someone was about. I nipped outside with a torch but couldn't see anything. The chickens were quiet, so I don't think that there was a fox about. The dogs stopped barking and I went back to bed.
When I got up this morning I went out through the backdoor and there was a huge dead toad laid out right in front of me. Something had eaten its head right off and left the body untouched. We don't have a cat and I'm at a loss as to what could have done for Mr Toad.  We like toads and he'd obviously been on this planet for a good few years, have you got any ideas as to what the culprit might have been? The dogs had obviously heard something going on.

Aww poor toad, hard to know really toads are a bit bitter to most predators aren't they? Probably why he only lost his head! :( My first thought was cats, they like to takes heads off things if the amount of headless mice and rats we have left in the hallway. How about stoats or similar horrid animals?

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