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David Smith

What can I use to create long lasting flaming beacons?


What I want to be able to do is have some flaming beacons in suitable metal "braziers" either on spiked poles or some form of secure base, (I know a man who can run up practically anything in metal given a drawing and enough time), but I am struggling to think what to burn in them that will be long-lasting and not need repenishing very often - say a brazier about size of a large bucket and a burning in flames time of 2 hours plus.

Any suggestions welcome!

Best wishes

Oil wick lamps?

large candles?

Pine pitch or simalar.

Had a very successfull experiment a few years back steaming Leylandii roots to produce a pitch. Reed stems dipped in the hot pitch/tar and then allowed to cool and set, burn nice and slowly giving out a reasonable illumination, and a very pleasent aroma.

I made mine inaerobically .... without the presence of oxygen in the same manner as Ray Mears did in one of his shows.

The only Youtube video I can find is one making Pine resin glue; which is made in the presence of Oxygen.
green man

Ask young bodger to speak to his friends at broom farm they have small hand held torches for wassailing so they are bound to know.

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