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What are these.

Does anyone know what these are used for?


ive asked someone and they said they could be for tree surgeons for climbing   i'll have a quick google now

They are for making a pair of stilts............

danndans wrote:
ive asked someone and they said they could be for tree surgeons for climbing   i'll have a quick google now

No, they are not use by a tree surgeon.

Take another guess.

Not a piece of kit used somewhere in Europe by those Farmers who go shooting in Bogs, Marsh, Flooded Land etc. using stilts?

U shape bit onto stilts, heels into "Stirrup" and then straps used above?

No Bazzer........ not used for stilts, but you are correct in the fact they are fitted to a boots and used by shooting/hunting folk.
Big Phil

Well, if it fits to a boot by putting the heel through the aperture then tying in place through the holes provided.
One assumes that the clamp is the working part of the device. The springs look pretty weak. However why have springs there at all unless you are pushing something in to the jaws, requiring the jaws to be held open.
The position of the jaws is the rear outward portion of the heel and whatever is pushed into the jaws is likely to be pushed into / onto the ground.

A walking stick holder which frees your hands to use a gun?  

No not a walking stick holder.

The rods that stick out at the rear are threaded if the helps.

If no one has guessed what they are used for before tomorrow evening I will post the answer.

The items in pics are schweiss shoes.

They are used when teaching a dog to track wounded deer.

The idea is to put a foot of a red deer in the holder at the back of shoe, clamp the foot tight, strap the shoes to your boots and walk.

The deer foot will be pushed down into the ground leaving scent for the dog to follow.

With a young dog just starting its deer tracking training I normally dip the foot in a jar of deer blood to give the youngster and helping hand by leaving extra scent.

I made mine, but a brought pair look like this.

Another home made pair.

Theres some crafty sods about eh!

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