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what a total disaster

my cabbages were......flippin lace curtains now....lolol....i have been fighting a losing battle with them, between the cabbage white, the slugs and the snails  i think it is time to give up for this year. but to be fair i didnt give it much thought. my daughter was given half a dozen young cabbage plants and was just going to throw them....well me being me, waste not want not, i salvaged them and popped them into a grobag.....i dont like using chemicals so i popped salt all round the base....seemed to work.....til it rained.....lolol.....and i was out there at least 3 times a day squidging eggs......
now i have found a hedgehog family in the garden.....shame they are too late......lolol.....oh well next year i will be more organised ( if you believe that you'll believe in anything) fofl

At least you have the satisfaction of trying Mogs...if thats ay form of consolation    

We very nearly lost our Gooseberry bush to bloomin' caterpillars! I didn't know they ate them  

Sawfly larvae?

That's em! Little so-and-so's  
Thanks for the ID, will keep an eye out for them next year.
brummie nick

With the number of cabbage white butterfly's about this year its no wonder any 'greens' not netted are left looking like lace curtains.


do not see the point in growing veg to feed the caterpillars'
these are this years sprouts   too many cabbage white butterflies about

and remind me not to grow sweet corn in the poly next year

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