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WHAT a day!

Went for a ride in the wolds with the riding club, 8 of us in all....had a FABULOUS gallop along the valley, I overtook them all (they didn't mind, I asked!) and left them standing! No-one could keep up!  

What a fab day, marvellous rides in the hills, followed by a salad then a cream tea! Not been back long....!


Gosh your riding club are a bit more game than ours!!  I love a good gallop - its good for the soul! Love Lizzie

lizzie44 wrote:
 I love a good gallop - its good for the soul! Love Lizzie

I couldn't agree with you more!! I miss my riding days....

Cracking idea...a good gallop.....

I took my daughters autumn hunting on sat for 3 hours. Neither had really hunted before and were quite nervous but within 30 mins has disappeared up the front and left me on my own. I only really saw them from a distance for the rest of the afternoon. They both now want to make it a regular thing.

All the neds enjoyed it, especially the middle on who we were told didnt hunt because the hounds "sent him loopy".....ok so he reared a couple of times and wasnt very settled but he had a great day out and I wouldnt feel worried about my daughter going again.  Even Holly who I doubt has ever hunted, stood there and just waited for things to happen, stayed at the back when i asked (so daughters could be at the front away from me and gaining some much needed confidence on their own), jumped all the logs and ditches, went through the water and kept up with the rest of the grown ups at the back.

We cant wait for the next outing.

Ooops sorry Cap'n D, didnt mean to hijack your post.


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