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What a***@@@ start to the day

Just found my little cat dead on the road.
If they must go out mousing why can't they stay on THIS side of the bdooly road??

:evil9:  :evil9:  :evil9:  :evil9:  :evil9:  :evil9:  :evil9:  :evil9:  :evil9:

oh no............what a shame
so sorry to hear that.

So sorry to hear that, I know how you feel.  

Oh no, sorry to hear that
green man

So sorry for your loss Seabird, so often when they pass another arrives as if by previous arrangement- strange telepathic community cats have.

I bet she had a good life.

(That reminds me I dreamt of kittens my border terrier was lost under some wooden staging and when I pulled it away kittens turned up a long haired boy kitten and a short haired she, and my border terrier was found safe by the other borders, so perhaps it's an omen of some kind.)

What a bummer Trish.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts.
This one was such a little survivor. She turned up as a tiny kitten from the feral colony at the farm up the road, and used to sleep in the porch. All I ever saw was a tiny black shape scooting into the bushes when I opened the door. I put food for her, and she then produced her own kittens under the hedge. That was when I managed to get her into the house, by kidnapping her kittens, and a large cardboard box in the kitchen became the maternity ward.
Homed the kittens, got her neutered and she became a lovely cat, but still very tiny, and a prolific mouser, which was probably her undoing. These last few nights have been good for hunting. I had a bad feeling this morning when she hadn't arrived for her breakfast.

R.I.P Fifi.

I've only just seen this - so sorry Trish
Our cat used to go across the road to hunt as well and there was nothing you could do to deter her, just keep fingers crossed that cars weren't coming at the same time - our road isn't as busy as yours though

oh seabird how awful,my heart goes out to you,i know it wont help much but just remember the lovely happy life full of food and contentment that you gave her.sending cyber hugs

Oh that is such a shame :(

So sorry to hear about Fifi.  

That was always my worry with my cats.  One of them did get hit by a car once - her back end from the tummy backwards was paralysed - vet couldn't tell whether it would be permanent or not - fortunately, it wasn't and she recovered after a week.  It was dreadful seeing her try to drag herself around and I came so close to having her PTS as I couldn't see her suffer.  Glad I held on for the positive result.

So Sorry to here that seabird   xxx
welsh lamb

So sorry to hear this - pets are important family  members.

Poor thing!  Poor you!  Have sent a cuddle via email.

Its a worry we have also.  Weve 2 cats, and they both do stay away from cars, but one almost got gotten by the fox in the middle of the day.  She came tearing through the paddock into the garden (where I was digging) hotly pursue by a fox who only stopped about 6 ft away from me before turning and running!  Close call Fudge...........

We have cars driving very fast up our lane, but the cats seem to sit and watch them from inside the gate and only go out when its quiet.
Celtic Eagle

Sorry to hear your news  Seabird  

Blessed Be
Grandma Bodger

I have the same worry will insist on walking up the road, this one is a stray that was lurking in the garden for days I  rang the cat rescue who came a few days later. by then I was hooked they took him away castrated him and all the other jobs and he,s back for good I,m hoping that the fact its ginger and white will give him a chance on the road

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