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Rick & Carol

wet no hatch

Well done Maxie.

We ummed and ahhed as well and decided to go with the instructions & added a bit of water 50% of the turkey eggs sparked up & a few made it to almost full size but I think the air sacks were too small for them to make it all the way so we will be hopefully be going dry next time & have some more success.

Fingers crossed for you. Its a horrible feeling to have waited all that time and to end up with nothing.

It was a hard decision to go against the instruction manual,but im pleased i listened to the folk on here.
Better luck next time i was getting a bit worried myself till one started pipping
Ihad a hen went broody myself at the same time and gave it my seven spare eggs,but it got off after four days.
Ive now got another thats sitting a lot harder,ive allowed it three eggs its been sitting a week now hopefully itll finish the job.
Rick & Carol

You were a wise owl Maxie, I'd chatted with a chap near here that hatches commercially & he goes dry as Wales is pretty humid. I though thought I'd go with the instructions but you live & learn. One thing I have invested in is a couple of room thermometers that show humidty for the room as well, one for the hatching shed and one for the brewing room. It's all learning I suppose

Think most people in our part of the world dry hatch    though it does depend what make of incubator you use.

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