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Wester Ross

I was up on the west coast this weekend for some salmon fishing on a small river called the Balgy.  Unfortunately there wasn't a deal of water in the river, or any salmon to that matter!  But I had a great adventure (890 mile round trip) and enjoyed the peaceful, beautiful surroundings.  I also caught a small but beatifully formed sea trout, my first ever so that made me a happy chap.

The setting couldn't have been any better, it's just a shame about the water levels in the river, but that's fishing eh.....

Here's the view heading down the valley

A few of the river

Sustenance     or possibly 'the man who mistook his hat for a plate'

This is Loch Damph at the head of the river

All in all a lovely day.

Once I'd packed up on the saturday afternoon, it was down the road to Perthshire to cach up with Woodsmoke and the lovely J20, ut that's for another post

Oi! Was that one of my pies......................??????    

Seriously though mate, you have no idea how envious I am! I'd have loved to have fished that with you. Next time, hey?

By the way, any chance you could give Bodger the ghillies contact details? I reckon he'd get a good price on that boat................

Spent many a holiday round Shieldaig as a boy - happy days  

There's something serenely beautiful about that area, did the "wee beasties" bother you much?

milton wrote:
did the "wee beastie" bother you much?

a bit mate, but I've known stu for a few years now and have learned to just put up with him


I knew you wouldn't let that opportunity slip by  

Cheeky gits........................

Small world eh?  I got a call from a good mate of mine the other night to go for a pint.  Half way through the evening he asked me if he'd driven past my car parked next to a small bridge just outside Shieldaig in Wester Ross last week   Unbelievable, We were both 420 miles from home in a very, very remote spot.  You can't get 5 minutes to yourself eh?
Hillend Dabbler

Looks like you had a great time

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