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West Runton Beach In November

Does that include images I wonder !


Did you at least dip your toes in...  

Looks decidedly ccccold....thanks for the pic's...

Did you not walk down as far as the 25ft long dead Minke whale that had been washed up approx. 800 metres the other side of the pier between Cromer and Overstrand?  

Alas, Minke Whales are Baleen whales, and not toothed whales, so I did not need the pliers in my pocket............ and when I got there the council had already removed the dead whale!

On a serious note............ have the Grey Seals come ashore to pup yet?

It is that time of year again, and Lois and I along with Oz love walking along the beach and taking photos of the seals and newly born pups............ maybe we could met up with you for an afternoon walk and share a flask of coffee or hot chocolate.  

in both ways it looks to me  
Grandma Bodger

always know Im in for a treat when I see your name  on picture gallery loved them they were superb  

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