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Dave C

Welsummer crosses

I tried 2 different types of Welsummer crosses last year.
So thought I would update you with how they are performing.

Welsex x Welsummer, I got some Welsex ( welsummer x Light Sussex ) sex linked cross from bodger a few years ago and the preformed well.
The were a nice looking bird and laid a Brown mat large egg, well worth having and a better layer than the pure Welsummer.
I then put a Welsummer Cockerel back over them trying to darken the eggs.
So a 3/4 Welsummer, 1/4 LS

As you can see they are a very nice looking bird, the eggs are large but no darker than the first cross, so I don't think the second cross is worth it.
Dave C

Welsummer x Cuckoo Marans, sex linked cross, hens being black and cocks barred.
Nice looking birds, all of them lay very dark eggs more like the shape and shiny ness of the Marans but the do lay more oftern than both breeds

I like this cross and will be doing it again.

I think that I'm correct in saying that some of the dark egg competition winners are Maran/Welsummer blends.
When you did the second cross with the Welsummers and the Light Sussex, did you get the same uniformity of colour as you did with the first cross and were the chicks still sex linked?
Dave C

Yes the hens all look the same but the chicks were not sex linked.

And there eggs are the same as the first cross which is good but I was hoping for darker.

I am very happy with the Welsummer x Marans although I was hoping for a darker Welsummer egg size and shape, but they are very much like the Marans egg. But still very nice.

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