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Welsh Winter Fair 1st December Builth Wells-RWAS show ground

Just done my entries -showing a few fowl.

Just love this show.

Its going to be Reggies first Agricultural show- I hope he wins a prize

Thinking of going as well, but not entering anything.

Think Reggie should get Best in Show, surely

I fancy that, what else is there besides a few stinky chickens ? Chickens don't rock Karens boat too much these days.


sheep, cows, horses, its juts like a mini Royal Welsh- but inside.

Its just a great day out

I'm thinking of going over,not far from here.Anyone else up for a pre christmas mince pie and a cup of tea..or a glass of wine if your not driving.

We are going, got 2 pairs of pigs entered, just hope they stay within the weight limits.

I would like to catch up with folk and put some faces to names.

I hope to meet some southdown breeders and start putting out some feelers for a Tup

Not usually many Southdowns there, only the one breeder usually but he has some good stock. We used to breed southdowns.

We can have a good old chat if we manage to meet up. I will look for you in the swine shed. What breed are you showing-and what is your herd name?

Well. The Winter Show starts tomorrow, I've not been to the event before  and I've been looking forward to it for weeks. We'll be on the road fairly early in the morning and while, we will have seen quite a few of the  exhibits and stalls at events like the Ludlow and Conwy food festivals, I'm hoping to see lots of new things too.
Its a 114 mile trip and should take us just bunder 3 hours to get there. Its one of the joys of living out in the sticks I'm afraid. The road to anywhere tends to be long and slow.  
The hound parade that takes place on the first day is an old favourite and  is something that I never tire of seeing. Tally ho.
I've raided my piggie bank, so I'm hoping to be able to sort out a few Christmas presents as I wade my way through what should be a hustle bustle sort of a day . Bring it on !

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