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Rick & Carol

welsh crayfish

Does anyone know if the signal crayfish infestation stretches as far as west wales.  

I wouldn't mind droping my old crayfish pots out for a go if there's somewhere near. The Teifi passes near here, albeit only very shallow.

You need a licence to take themů..and you need to be incredibly careful not to spread the disease they carry to any other water source.

Can't help about their range in Wales though  

It seems straightforward enough just to catch and eat the blighters but the problems are compounded because they breed in massive numbers but they are cannibalistic; the big ones eat the little ones. People take the big ones so more of the little ones survive, and rapidly outpace the already struggling native crayfish.

The best thing seems to be to clear a river from it source down to the sea, but it's a massive undertaking.

Kind of stymies any quick catch for dinner out of a drop pot, doesn't it  


If there are any canals anywhere near you, then they will almost certainly be present.

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