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Welsh Cob sale and Welsh Fed Show

A few photos from Builth Wells yesterday - visited the sale and poultry show - spend the day with good mates well worth the long journey  Be visiting again next year


Thanks for the photos they are tops    

Brought a mare years ago from the cob sales in builth, 100% in everyway,
yeh like hekkers was she   To start with it took 4 big, infact VERY big men, to get her in the lorry, they more or less picked her  up in the end and carried her in   from then on her true colours realy glowed, going from bad to worse and back again, she made for an entertaining ride tho, always got the odd rear or buck or if you were realy lucky you'd get the  blind bolt treatment  off her, only stopping when she reached something bigger than herself.

Great pics jimbo, cant beat a good Horse sale for a day out, always someone there you havent seen for years, and freinds to catch up with, along with all the normal characters  

We were there too, in fact hubby really liked the form on the cob in the top photo, very frisky mind, he brought to mind the old adage "three white socks, walk away!!!" Definately a handful for someone!
Very friendly show will be going again

We liked the black too! What a brilliant day out it was  

What about the one withh 2while socks?? that ok, I love those black ones too

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