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Wellington boots

Where do wellies fit in the scheme of recycling?

We seem to get through a lot of pairs here so where should we be recycling the wrecked ones?

Not sure if this counts as recycling but I keep all mine for Welly Wanging

which provides great fun at my shows.

Or you could cover them in concrete and make a flower pot out of them.

I would like a pair made into an umbrella stand/fire poker /whips.

no need to cover in concrete for flower pots....
just a little concrete in the bottom, for stablity, drill a few holes for drainage in the side, then fillup and plant......if you really want to jazz them up, paint them .....  

Cool didnt know that .Thanks .

had these in tenirife, not sure if its what you ment though

::  ::  ::   cool    

In my best Norfolk accent. Bootiful, really bootiful.

Managed to get an old toilet out without breaking it, put it in the garden filled with crocks up to the "U"-Bend, then planted it up. Looked quite good actually.
Made a sign to go in it.
"Bazzers Bog Garden"

PS. Why does u default to you??????

U u u u u  - it doesn't on my PC

So when you water the plants do you use "eau de toilet"?

Pargy::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::

Kaz I'm refering to an Upper Case (U) as in the United Kingdom abreviation being U K. See what I mean, I did not type you but the Cap U.


seems OK so far. Does it change when submitted?
We'll see...........

Yes!  See what you mean. I don't like being editted!

Back to the wellies - definitely plant them up. I've seen a pub garden somewhere with all sorts of boots with geraniums in hanging from what would have been a plain ugly wall.

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