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Well shaded area

Suggestions for a well shaded area, planting out under the apple trees. I've already planted out some 200 plus bulbs, Daffodils, Bluebells (British), crocus and loads of primulas.

The area in question is about 10 ft x 20 ft, maybe a little more, as I look down the garden, the right hand corner is south facing, the garden in question would be SSE. sun tends to get to it around midday.

Plants I'm considering are Hostas, Astribles and sorry only know this one by its common name Elephant ears and Heleborus, ( Christmas rose).
So as to give it colour for as much of the year as possible, any other suggestions would be greatfully received.

Tall plants, ground huggers,  

Also thinking of Snakes Head Lillies, but they are more bulbs...

Sorry, no  ideas but I thought that Hosta's attract slugs...
Might just have been the garden they were in but I've avoided them ever since
Someone else may love them.
colour it green

hardy geraniums - (not pelagoniums ) come in an array of colours and will take most conditions - untouched by slugs  

Japanese anemone grow well in any conditions here, especailly under the sweet chestnut - i.e poor soil, dry and shaded. There are so many different colours available now too, although the standard pink I find do best.

Oh sigh - don't you just pick an area. Not even the RHS website on shady areas is much help.

You sure you want to keep the trees - lol?

Thats the challenge Christine...why I'm asking....  
Yes tried RHS site and others...

Thanks all for the suggestions....keep those thinking caps on    

Yes Mo Hostas do attract loads of slugs, they can be dealt with, good few holly bushes are growing very close by, plus other ways to deter them...but I do enjoy their folage, so many different colours, even the simplicity of the lilac/purple flowers are quite attractive...

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