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Well done Holly!

After the hassle of the lorry and it going back and forth to the garage, I began to wonder if I would ever get to the ODE i had entered for this weekend.  But we managed it, and even managed a rosette.

We did our dressage and showjumping yesterday and then went cross-country today. The dressage was great, Holly was softer than i have ever known her and really responsive, hubby says i had a bit cheesy grin on my face all the way through the test. The showjumping was abit hairy at times, especially as i had to change bits about 10mins before my time as she was really objective to the waterford that she normally has. But she jumped a clear, if slow, round and gave me loads of confidence for today.

The cross-country was brilliant, she took everything in her stride and flew the lot.

We finished on our dressage score and gained a 5th place. I am so pleased with her i havent stopped smiling yet....

A few pics of Holly:



Well done-you can see your grin on one of the dressage pics!!

well done to you & Holly   lovely pics!

Well done you! I'm far too wracked with nerves to do any competitions - I spend all my time in the portaloo! Love Lizzie

I have finally found a xc pic:

I do keep telling Hols that the fences were only a max of 75cms but she wouldnt believe me

stir crazy

WOW - you are very brave. she has one helluva jump on her - what a mare.

go girls

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