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Weed Control

Hi all

I have a fruit cage, about 4mt x 9mt. Blackcurrant, red and white currant, Gooseberries and raspberries. Bushes are coming up for 3 years old and coming along nicely.

My problem is the weeds between the bushes. Walking around pans down the soil making it hard tedious time consuming work to hoe.

I am thinking of trying some sort of weed control membrane. Has anyone tried it it this situation ? Is it durable or would I need to cover it with shingle or something to protect it ?

Any advice appreciated.



Anything like that will work , carpet , cardboard , weed membrane , I personally just use cardboard and some horse dung , but I'm no an expert .  

Weed control membrane is good for a season, and then wind borne weed seeds settle upon it and begin growing.

I started flame gun weeding a couple of years ago, and that worked and worked well but required doing every 2-3 weeks just like regular weeding with a hoe. I still like flame gun weeding, but last year I ran a little experiment and I will continue with it this year, and that is under sowing with a green manure. So far I have been messing about with comfrey and mustard with great success. Strimming back twice and leaving it on the surface before digging-in during the early autumn. This year if I can find sensibly priced seeds I would like to try under sowing with Alf-Alfa, Borage, and Clover, and again the regime will be strimming and leaving on the surface to rot and then autumn digging-in.

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