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Website design...................

I need to create a website to go along with a domain name I'm about to purchase......................

Being a complete IT donkey, I have no clue as to how to get started though  

ON 123-reg though, I note they offer the option of either web hosting (@ a couple of quid a month) or something called 'site fusion' (which apparently lets you design your webpage without using any coding.

Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding how to realistically create a fairly simple website? It's basically going to be a small business website, so all I really need to do is list services offered, a few basic details, & contact numbers/e-mail.............

Many thanks in advance for anyone that can help  

Hey Woodsmoke,

A lot of providers give you a few applications that let you create basic web pages.

Not used 123 before but just had a quick look at the website, it seems that Site Fusion is a WYSIWYG tool (What You See Is What You Get) what that means is you can move things around add pictures and don't need to worry about the HTML code behind it.

It will be like creating a word or powerpoint document, once you are happy with the layout, you save it and the application creates the HTML needed for people to view your page.


Thanks Paul  

Do you reckon it's any good? Like I said, I'm a complete muppet when it comes to IT stuff  

It looks good for a basic static website, which sounds like the type of thing you are looking at.

If you wanted a more dynamic site (constant updates, shopping carts, twitter feeds etc) then you might be better looking for a content management system like Joomla (which I notice they also provide in the plus package)

If you want you can PM me with any questions etc


Thanks again mate  

I've no need for the fancier all-singing, all dancing fella, so I reckon I'll just go for it  

We (thats the royal we it really means Simon) use Joomla and we are completely numpties when it comes to IT.  Have a look at our website and you can see what you can do with it - and trust me, if we can ANYONE can.  Simon did another one for his writing that you litterally choose the format - like a magazine layout - that you like then put in your own stuff - a bit like fill in the blanks.  When he comes up (he's down burning things at the moment) I'll ask him what it is.

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