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Web cams ?

How tricky do you think it would be for members to set up webcams and to then link it live to the forum ?
Subjects such as bird tables or nest boxes etc. Is it dooable you computer boffins out there ?

This guy does it on his website but then we are a forum.

Turn you sound up to listen to the waves.

weve got a small webcam that sits on top of the monitor but god knows how you use it, somebody tell us  PLEASE

Hi Bodger,

Theoretically it shouldn't be difficult to set up link on the forum to live broadcasts from an individuals webcam as the links work similarly to a link to a web site.

However using software such as MS Media Encoder, the webcam user needs to set up the software to broadcast the feed through their computer-firewall-broadband router to the outside world.

It's not too difficult (you don't need a degree) it's similar to the step for making custom software setups or using dvd recording software where you simply need to follow the instructions to ensure it's set up correctly.

well ouve lost me already dont know about you Bodger

Eschra.  You've got the job. I'll tell Kaz that you'll liase with her.  I'm  a hammer and nailsman and kaz does the techi stuff. If we could get this up and running, I think our members would really appreciate the results.

PS. Doodle says that if we get this working, then my nude mowing of the lawn has got to stop.

Ooooh errr missus - nude mowing huh!!! Hope you've got a safety trip on the plug otherwise that could hurt in the event of an emergency!!  

I'll do my best to advise Kaz - I know the theory but don't usually have much time to put the theory to practise. If I can get it setup as a practise on our machine which has a built-in webcam then I am sure I can muddle through getting yours up and running internet provider allowing of course LOL!  

nude mowing of the lawn

Did hear that you've got a fair old strimmer.

Web Cam Chats could be fun.

I don't fancy the web cam chats. Not because of my charming good looks but because everything we do needs to involve as many members as possible.

Can't you have it set up as a conference though???

I've just discovered the joy of using a webcam for live chats on the Skype site. It's absolutely amazing being able to talk to anyone of your friends overseas and you can see them as well as it being completely FREE and you can talk for hours!

I know you can record videos on them and then send the link to people so you could post that here, but as far as going for live chat in a conference situation on a forum I'm not sure *scrathes head*

If you got it up and running I'd think it might have a slow start on the chatting side, but it could be invaluable (as I've found elsewhere) for diagnosing problems, identifying plants/fish etc.

Good luck with the venture, sorry I'm not more technically minded and can't help lol!


Thanks for the input.  
I just thought that members being able able to have a quick look in on a nest box or a bird table in the winter would be a good idea. What if one of our members had an active fox or badger earth ? That would be a real coup.

can these web cams be cordless or would we need a long piece of wire to go outside

google nestbox cameras and there is loads of info, this is the first site that comes up for instance

I know you can get solar powered cordles cameras as I looked into it when we were putting up the nest boxes at work.
if you click on the livecam tab at the top I think its the sort of thing you are look for Bodger

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