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Weasel? Stoat? Mink? or other?

Lots of duck feathers in the middle of the (large) duck pond today, but all present and correct in that pen though a few feathers round the edges as well.

However - in the paddock where I am fattening some ducks - in the middle of the (quite large) pen, out in the open was a fully grown nice fat duck - killed.  The paddock is electric fenced round, and it was on, though with all this wet weather probably shorting out a bit at the bottom

The ducks back was muddy and part of its neck eaten away with the wind pipe etc eaten through, and part of the side of its bill and up into the eye cavity

So what has killed my duck and how can I kill it?

Fenn traps are the way to go with just about all members of the weasel clan. If you do a search on here for fenn traps on the forum, you'll find loads of information on what to do.

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