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The lady that I usually buy my Oxford Sandy and Black weaners from has packed up smallholding.
I can't find any localy so am looking at something different.
I have found some Pietrain x Berkshires.
Has anyone kept this cross or know any one that has.
I'm wondering what they are like (just a bit concerned as I have read that Pietrain can carry Porcine Stress Disorder)  

Certain strains of Pietrains are pre disposed to this condition but not all and I would imagine that by crossing them with Berkshires, the risk is reduced to being negligible.
chicken feed

The stress gene has pretty much been out breed these days.

That's an interesting cross. A super lean, fast growing pig and a small, slow grower. Two very different pigs. It'll be interesting to see how they turn out.

I've seen a lot of weaners of this cross advertised on the likes of pre loved and the like. They seem to be crossing Pietrain with a number of rare breeds these days.
Some of the best weaners I've seen were at the Bryncir rare breeds sale a couple of years ago, these were a straight cross onto a Saddleback. They certainly turned a few heads.

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