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We've been to a Hidden Valley

Ladyslip and I have been to spend a weekend with Debbie and Simon on a tailor made course and have today sampled some of our home cured bacon    

We were made to feel very welcome in a warm and friendly home environment for which we feel most priveleged.

The two days where an absolute joy and where totally focused on our need to know. We gleaned lots of hints and tips honing our basic knowledge and skills.

Debbie and Simon are a lovely couple totally dedicated and full of 'joie de vivre' to their chosen way of life.

We came away exhilarated and full of our own 'joy for life' and spurred to carry on in our own little niche.

Many thanks again to Debbie Simon and Darcy for all they shared with us, we shall hope this to be a bond for a firm and lasting friendship.

Kevin and Dianne

Lovely place and lovely people.

Darcy shared???  

We had a fantastic time with you both too Kevin and Dianne.  To meet like minded people and share with them is a joy for us...although I have to say you have given me something to think about with those lambs Kevin..and I already have two massive bunches of mint drying and a huge jar of homemade mint sauce waiting Darcy, Bee and Amber say hi and are looking forward to your next visit x

Baz, Darcy always shares long as you don't take up too much room on his sofa

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