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We're all enjoying Hallowe'en

Yes, we know it's silly.
This my sister's Bichon Frise - a little rescue dog, doing her stint as 'shop dog' and dressed for the part today.
Hope this works, haven't posted a picture before.

Awww..I didn't realise you had a party at the shop today.

I also didn't realise that Bichon Frise were that size - does he/she mind being dressed up :q28: Our dogs would eat it :-)

She had to have all her coat clipped off when she arrived a month ago because it was very tangled, so she appreciates a coat when she's in the shop with sis., as you know, it can get cold with the door open. Hopefully she'll settle and be able to be left on her own for a while, but seems to enjoy being in the shop a couple of days a week, (although not wearing this particular outfit every day!)
I think she looks like a Jack Russell with a perm.

That is a great picture Seabird. Here is one of our Bob - though it wasn't easy to get him to pose for the camera :-)

green man

Posh hat Storm

He's gorgeous Storm.
What an expression - he's so embarrassed!

You should have seen Lenny ... we couldn't post any of him ... he was well and truly disgusted! ::

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