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We'll be watching this one tonight.

9.00pm tonight on BBC2

Not only does this programme take place in my old stamping ground but from the trailers that I've seen, it look pretty good too.

Did anyone watch 'Marvellous' on BBC2 last night at 9.00pm ? It was a programme about Neil 'Nello' Baldwin, the circus clown and Stoke City FC kitman.

Well Karen and I did and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was on for an hour and a half and most of it was filmed in the Potteries. There were times when it was both happy and sad but it had a feel good factor while at the same time, showing how people with lots of things going against them, can still triumph against adversity and enjoy life.
I'm pleased to see that Neil Baldwin. is still alive and is still enjoying quite an inspirational life.
There were plenty of genuine Potteries accents thrown in, with one or two slightly dodgy ones and for a Stokey expat, lots of familiar film locations. If you missed this programme, then you really do need to view it on 'catch up'

Forget the dodgy accents, what a film.

A man of great faith in his beliefs and humans, with such determination.
With tears of laughter and sadness at times, OH and I watched it.
Very rarely have I ever enjoyed watching a film for the second time, this one I could watch over and over again.

When "The Boss" commented on Neil's weight, the players had lost all their boxer shorts.....won't spoil it for those who may watch the film at a later date, but we were in tucks of laughter.

Via "NELLO"    

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