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Dave C

We have Chicks !!!

This is the start of my meat project year 2

After all of my Wyndotte banty eggs were clear  

It left 21 eggs in the incy
So we have my Sasso slow Hybrid x Sasso medium Hybrid eggs which I will call Bishop Rangers for short  
And Sasso slow Hybrid x Cukoo Marans which I will call Bishop Blacks (but depends what colour they really turn out)  

So far I have 14 chicks out  

Good luck with them

Yet another interesting project. Well done Dave.

My own hatching has been going way too well. For some reason I must have things just right and I've found myself with way too many chicks. I put the eggs in not expecting such a high percentage hatch rate. Its been as high as 100%

By the fifth of this month that'll be all the chicken eggs hatched for the season and then its time for my next project. For the first time in years, I'm going to be trying to hatch duck eggs.  
Dave C

Ended up with 19 but had to cull 1.
So pleased with that.

The meat hybrids x Marans have surprised me a little.
They are light with faint black spots on them and 1 is pure black.
Wonder if there all cockerels and the pure black is a Pullet  

Pure Marans are sex linked. One or tother has a light spot on its noggin.
Dave C

Yes but I'm sure it's black with a white spot on head is cockerels.

These are white with black spots on body and a pure black  

Well we will see soon enough mate.

Well done you guys ,
Dave C

Thanks , these Bishop Rangers are big strong chicks  

Very laid back and friendly, just like meat birds should be.
Dave C

I've just done the Bullseye test and all 7 Indian Game eggs laid today look fertile.

Think the Incy could be back on next week.

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