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Celtic Eagle

We got cats

four of 'em to be precise.

Gizmo the eldest a tabby, Holly a long haired bundle of bad temper with the kitten who I'll tell you about later. The wiz and holly aren't related but get on fine . Then there's Penny she's mostly black hence the name Penny b.... Oh well i thought it was funny. Then the latest Sophie daughter of Penny and one of the local Toms looks identical to her mamand at the moment is wrecking the place. Still that's it she goes for the snip next week the peace will reign .  I'll post a few pics later.

Look forward to the pictures

We tried to introduce a kitten to our lovely moggie 10 years ago but the kitten drove our other cat away to live with neighbours :-?  We can't bring another cat in now because Casey is smart enough to keep out of the way of the dogs and another kitten wouldn't last long.

Looking forward the pics  :-)
Celtic Eagle

First pic  Mother and daughter Penny and kit Sophie

Celtic Eagle

Second Pic Holly the bad tempered one

That first picture is great, I love to see cats playing together.
The second picture reminds me of one of my old cats. She looks as though she wants her tummy rubbing but will attack you if you try it :-?
Celtic Eagle

You're right she did :-)

Love em!
Celtic Eagle


Still trying to get a decent pic of Gizmo runs a mile

Beautiful cats Celtic Eagle, each one looks a character.
Must be the tri-colour ones who have bad tempers. I noticed, on top of the notes at the vets for my late Sally (who was the image of yours) was written in red, an inch high...


The prettiest of cats, but boy, what a temper!.
farmer jones

Lovely cats, lovely photos. I love cats
Celtic Eagle

Finally got a picture of grumpy Gizmo

Check out  the attitude  :-)  :-)

Why me I don't like photos !!!!
green man

What a beautiful cat striking eyes. :-)
Celtic Eagle

That's pics of all of 'em now if any real good pics come up I'll post them

They are a wonderful bunch of cats all individual characters and we love them all

Thanks for looking and the comments

love the pictures!

I have 10 cats. 7 of them were born here and have health problems. But they are all very happy and have still a good life.

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